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Dive Bali is certainly a diving place to get your gear on and go for a dive Bali. The diversity of marine life and dive sites is exceptional. One day can be filled with the magnificent Oceanic Sunfish, or Mola Mola, around the waters of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, whilst the next you can be searching for pigmy seahorses near Tepekong / Mimpang The diversity of soft and hard corals in Bali, and Indonesia, is unmatched anywhere else in the world.


Sanur Dive

The dive sites in Sanur are perfect for those divers who do not have the time or energy to travel to the North of Bali for diving. The Sanur dive sites are just a few minutes from the shore and are home to an enormous amount of marine life. It is very common to see a large variety of nudibranchs, invertebrates and octopus. Nurse sharks and rays can also be seen at the right time.

Tulamben is mainly known for the US Liberty wreck that lies close to the shore. The wreck lies in shallow water and is considered appropriate for divers of all certification levels. The ship rests in 30 meters of water, is roughly 25 meters from shore and can be reached with a short swim from the beach. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5 meters from the surface.

Time to turn your watches back and enjoy the Bali that was. An hour from Candidasa is Bali's best-kept secret - the enchanting bays that make up the Amed area. Held back until recently by bad roads and lack of power and communications, this is Bali's newest developing area with accommodation increasing six-fold in the last few years. Every bay is different, some shingle, some rocky and some sandy, with great diving right off the beach. In one bay there's a Japanese WWII patrol boat just 10m off the shore.

Padang Bay
This hideaway village and its sandy beach are reached by road in 1.5 hour from Nusa dua. A short boat ride then takes you to the dive sites. Padang bay offers some of the best diving in Bali. Shark are seen on almost every dive, ocean sunfish are regularly spotted, fish life is exceptionally rich, the coral is healthy and the water is crystal clear. Padang Bay dive sites have strong currents and swell coming from Lombok Strait, creating unpredictable water movements. This is place to both careful and respectful.

Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan
Lying across the Badung Strait from Sanur is Bali's premiere scuba diving destination - the clear waters of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands. Blue Corner at Lembongan Island can be one of the most exciting dives of your life but you will need to make sure that you listen very carefully to the advice you receive from your divemaster. Ped is the most popular site on the nearby Nusa Penida north coast, as it tends to offer currents milder than some of the other sites at Lembongan. Healthy low lying hard coral reef banks slope gently to 20 metres, then down to 40 metres. Crystal Bay is perhaps Nusa Penida's best dive site. It is located in the south west of the island and features a shallow bay, carpeted in corals. The bay provides shelter from current and is a good place to start your dive.

Manta Point
Along the remote cliff edges that form the southern coastline of Nusa Penida is a dive site called Manta Point. Here the sea is quite shallow, cool and can have strong surge. The water is often quite murky too due to the plankton which attracts mantas, often in small groups. The manta rays come here to feed and often stay for quite a while, seemingly oblivious to the attentions of observant divers. If you give them space then you can watch them circling about for most of the dive in depths ranging from 18 metres up to the surface.

Far removed from the busy Bali tourist centers, the unspoiled northwest offers a view into the uniqueness of Bali. Still undeveloped, with nature and marine parks preserving the area, one finds a grand expanse of coconut groves and beautiful ancient temples dotting the landscape. The magnificent volcanoes of Java are a perfect backdrop for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. As above the water, the scene below the water is also one of great spectacle. The beautiful walls of Menjangan Island offers a chance to relax in surroundings unmatched anywhere else in Bali.

Secret Bay
This mangrove-lined bay in far West Bali has lately become a fashionable site (Secret Bay) for divers interesting in rare, small animals. There is not much coral, it is deep shallow dive, bits of trash, paper, plastic water bottles, and the like, but the fish are unbelievably healthy and the volcanic black-sand bottom can produce some macro-scale treasures.

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