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Ancient tradition had it that coconuts became an inseparable part of the life of javanese and Balinese. More than just a source of food, coconuts were also used as source of healing for all resources of sickness and diseases. From having the benefits offered by coconuts, it is no wonder our forefathers called these fruits the miracle fruits.

Address: Jl. Dewi Sri LC 16 Sunset Road, Kuta Bali – Indonesia


Recharge, 120 minutes theraphy
Feeling low and sulky?
Indulge your self in a treatment to breathe life into your whole being. Start with an aromatherapy foot bath, followed by a full body scrub using Virgin Coconut oil mixed with Flower (Frangipani, Rode and Jasmine) and Fruits (Peach and Orange) of your choice. At the end, an Aromatherapy Healing massage will loosen up your tensed muscle an joints with silky Virgin Coconut Oil to moisturize your skin.


The Magical Coconut, 150 Minutes
Get a fresh coconut water welcome drink a healthy way to release toxin and regain the ion in your body. We bring you the benefits of the magical coconuts for healing, stress relief, body, mind and spiritual balance restoration. You will be tranformed to a new you – feeling fresh, lively, full of stamina and energy.

Feminime, 120 Minutes
It’s all about the woman!
This treatment will start eith aromatherapy foot bath, followe eith a full a aromatherapy healing massage which will loosen up your tensed muscle and joints. Having done that, have silky olive oil to moisturize your skin. Then pamper yourself in a luscious V-’Ratus’ Spa.

Radiance, 120 Minutes
Don’t let your wearly soul take away your radiance!
Allow this treatment to give you back your shine. Start with an aromatherapy foot bath, then pick one and half of our aromatherapy healing massages to reach the balance of your body, mind and spirit. Finally accomplish your treatment with our Illuminating ‘Nano molecule’ facial.

Revitalize, 180 Minutes
Love your body and face, show your grace!
A luxurious massage and facial will answer this need. The body treatment starts with an aromatherapy foot bath, followed by a deeply refining full Virgin Coconut Oil body scrub, continued by a deeply relaxing aromatherapy healing massage and finish off with Illuminating ‘Nano molecule’ facial for your glowing look.

Aromatherapy Healing Massage, 90 Minutes
Based on Eastern philosophy mixed with western methodology, we create our signature treatment to get you ready to be reborn as a new person. Exceptional touch, intuition and energy flow are combined in this treatment to stimulate your own ability of self healing. Begin with a aromatherapy foot bath session, then our lady therapist will deliver a special session of massage, by following her intuition to find the knots of your tired muscle. She will then perform five basic massage movements to give you deep relaxation. Then a final energy will be delivered for a total therapeutic impact.

Stone Healing massage, 90 Minutes
Stones carry energy that can be used for healing purposes. These stones will be made warm and be placed on trigger points and the painful and tired knots of your body to release your pain and to open the blocked energy. Using touches of her fingers and the stones, our therapist will administer massages with movements like a dancer. The stones will release your tensed nerves and the fingers will bring you sense of perfect relaxation.

The Above Prices Valid Until March 2013


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