Bali Restaurants

Indonesian home cooking can be excellent, but finding a restaurant serving good local Indonesian food in pleasant and comfortable surroundings is difficult. Indonesian food served in well-decorated and comfortable Western-style restaurants is often specially prepared for foreigners and has not much similarity with the authentic version.

The centerpiece of any Indonesian meal is steamed or boiled rice. Accompanying dishes include various preparations of chicken, duck, beef, (in Bali also pork), goat, all kinds of seafood and vegetables, either steamed, boiled, braised, stir or deep fried, roasted or grilled over coconut husks. Other ingredients used to give Indonesian food its unique flavours are chillies, coconut, peanuts, garlic, ginger, saffron, basil, cardamon, lemon grass, lime, nutmeg, pepper, shallots, soy sauce, tamarind, turmeric and several kinds of shrimp paste. The following are some of the restaurant that you can visit while in Bali Island :

Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant

From : USD 10.00
Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant occupies large building on two floors. The second floor has an open terrace and glassed-in area, whilst downstairs is only glassed-in, from where spectacular views could be seen.Chinese and Indonesian Cuisine are served in large buffet with moderate price.APPETIZER- Mixed Salad- Vegetable Soup- Tomato Soup- BreadMAIN COURSES- Spring Roll- Steamed Rice- Fried Rice- Fried Noodless- Cap Cay (Chinese Mixed Vegetable)- Gado-Gado (Steam Vegetable With Peanut Sauce) or Fried Vegetable- Fu Yung Hai (Chinese Omelette)- Steamed Fish Balinese Sauce- Fried Chicken Sweet Sour Sauce- Beef Stroganof-... [Details]

Bebek Tepi Sawah

From : USD 24.00
Enjoy a wide selection of cuisine, ranging from contemporary western and innovative Indonesian or Balinese specialties in a fresh atmosphere within the environment of the real Bali's Village. Share the joy and satisfaction with other, to feel a wonderful experience of having a meal at corner of the rice field, while viewing the rice paddies and the wave of the coconut tree leaves, as well as listening to the various tiny little bird singing. The most popular of this restaurant is the Crispy Deep Fried... [Details]

Star Anise Restaurant

From : USD 14.00
Indonesian Grand Rijsttafel (rice table) is the best way to experience the unique taste of Indonesia's exotic cuisines. A spread of 20 dishes will be served on your table.INDONESIA GRAND RIJSTTAFEL DINNER SET MENUAppetizer:- Chicken soupMain Course:- Pickled vegetables, Salad in peanut sauce, Long beans in coconut milk, Chicken satay, Balinese Fish satay, Taliwang grilled chicken, Chicken curry , Eggplant in soya sauce, Spicy grilled fillet fish, Fried soya bean cake, Grilled fish cake, Corn fritter, Tofu omelette, Peanut crackers, Egg in chilli sauce,... [Details]

Furama Bumbu Bali Cafe

From : USD 11.00
Bali has most richest and fascinating cultures in the world. This "Island of Gods" is famous for its arts, dances, customs and religion and, of course, the natural beauty of its countryside and beaches. One of the most popular beach destinations for your holidays as well as foods is Kedonganan Beach/Jimbaran Bay. It is a small-unsoiled fishing village in the South of this Island with a long-white-sandy beach, where the FURAMA Bumbu Bali Cafe is located.Set Menu A- Welcome Drink- Balinese Peanut- Fish Soup-... [Details]

Bebek Uma Dawa Restaurant

From : USD 14.00
Bebek Uma Dawa is a restaurant that located at Jl. Raya Andong - Ubud, this restaurant serve delicious Western, Chinese and Indonesian food. You can also take a moment to visit the gallery and view the extensive range of paintings. Balinese house that you can view as our different characteristics with and others restaurants in Ubud.The restaurant will see our green garden which will give more value to your guests during enjoy here. We grow organic vegetables in our rear garden that are always... [Details]

Sama-Sama Restaurant

From : USD 12.00
Our store is a restaurant that combines the latest Japanese style like no other. Enjoy grilled meats of all the unique menu at Sama-Sama Restaurant lunch - dinner. In addition, our shop use smokeless roaster for each table, so make your stay as comfortable as possible.We have good place with modern Japanese style restaurant suited to your comfortable lunch or dinner experience, by cooking yourself your food. Each table designed with individual smokeless roaster that you could not easy to find at other restaurant, so we menus to you.Our capacity are... [Details]

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